Contact: Lian Yang – Phone: +45 2624 1533


Experience from the western film industry is, unfortunately, that too many promising film projects hit the wall in the meeting with the Chinese culture. Proficiencies in idea development, financing and distribution is rarely enough.

It requires people with expert knowledge and a sharp intuitive understanding of Chinese culture. A pragmatic partner who can navigate flawlessly at the top level and stay organized to create successes in the Chinese film market.


The Yang Republic core competencies:

–   Thorough knowledge of both Chinese and western film negotiation culture.

–   Counseling, managing and establishment of a dedicated chinese/western network with the project-relevant skills.

–   Financing and co-producing

–   To spot and identify potentials, develop film projects and adaptations/localizations for the chinese and western markets.


Yang Republic is your opportunity to seek out potentials and find solutions that pave the way for

promising film projects survival and success in a foreign market.